Siker Ltd. - textile wholesaler and retailer

  • Ultrasonic quilting

    Ultrasonic quilting!

    Maximum 3 m wide

    7 pieces shapes

  • Nonwoven fabric

    Nonwoven fabric

    Upholstery supplies, nonwoven tape, cushion backing, decoration and many other fields of use.

    - 100% polypropylene
    - 160-240 cm
    - 14-80 g/m2

  • Filling material

    Filling material

    100% polyester based siliconised polyester balls that are suitable for filling pillows, duvets.

    Other filling material: vlies filling material (bondtex).

  • Piece goods

    Piece goods

    Our main products: greige fabric, damask and dirt proof damask fabric for table clothes, oilcloth, dyed sheeting, fabric for smock, fabric for working clothes, nonwoven textile.

    As well as 100% cotton and polycotton based printed and white fabric for producing bedclothes.

  • Textiles for restaurants

    Textiles for restaurants

    For restaurants we are offering damask and dirt resistant fabric for table clothes.

    We are ready to provide for all textile ware for restaurants (including table cloth, decoration, cloth for bread baskets, cloth for waiters, as well as decoration for chairs and tables)

  • Textile for hotels

    Textile for hotels

    Towels (white), bath mats, bathrobe. Striped satin fabric for producing bedclothes for hotels.

    We are ready to provide for the full range of hotel textiles (striped satin bedclothes in different sizes).

  • Piece goods

    Piece goods

    We offer numerous piece goods: coloured and white towels, bath mats, polypropylene tube sack, durable shopping bag.

  • Producing PP sack

    Producing PP sack

    Owing to our own machine line we are able to serve standard sizes as well as individual requests fast.

  • Ultrasound polypropylene welding

    Ultrasound polypropylene welding

    We can produce durable shopping bags from nonwoven textiles.

    The 12 pattern cylinder for the PP woven bag strap making machine, we are able to produce individual orders.

  • Cutting nonwoven tapes

    Cutting nonwoven tapes

    Our tape cutting machine can produce linen tapes in individual sizes.

    We primarily produce linen tapes from nonwoven fabric, but the machine is capable of cutting other materials.

  • Napping


    Our napping machine can turn the rough and hard textile into a soft to touch textile.

    We primarily do the napping of cotton greige fabric but the machine is capable of processing other textiles.

  • Siker Ltd. - Whole sale unit

    Whole sale unit

    With the help of our 900 m2 warehouse we are able to ensure continuous supply to our regular customers.


Siker Ltd. - services

from cotton fabric
(in 1 and 2 sided quality)

help of ultrasound

Parcel delivery
by carrier service from the warehouse

Full textile service for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hostels
sewing bedclothes, sheets, curtains


Siker Ltd. - production

Producing PP sack
in individual format and sizes

Welding polypropylene, nonwoven textile
(e.g..: making shopping bags)

Tape cutting
(e.g.: lining tape)


Siker Service and Trade Ltd.

6000 Kecskemét, Bodzai str. 4.

Sándor Sinka

Annamária Sinka
international logistics and contact
+36 30 853 9174
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  • White ticking

    White ticking

    100% cotton based fabric for making pillow cases, duvet cases, packaged in roll.

  • Damask


    100% cotton based fabric for tablecloths, packaged in roll.

  • Bed-sheet linen

    Bed-sheet linen

    100% cotton based fabric for sheets, packaged in roll.

  • Dyed sheeting

    Dyed sheeting

    Plane colour fabric from polycotton, packaged in roll.

  • Flannel


    Fabric for printed pillow and duvet covers made of 100% cotton based fabric (softer than the printed fabric), packaged in roll.

  • Vlies filling material

    Vlies filling material(bondtex)

    100% polyester based thermally hardened fabric (lining material). Packaging: in roll, packaged in PE foil.

  • Hotel bed linen

    Hotel bed linen

    Sanforized and mercerized bed linen set for hotels with 2 cm stripes. Packaging: in boxes, packaged in PE foil.

  • Dish cloth

    Dish cloth

    Dish cloth was made of honeycomb fabric. Composition: 100% cotton. Packaging: 20 pieces/package.

  • Fabric for smock

    Fabric for smock

    50% cotton, 50% polyester based fabric made with serge weaving, plane coloured smock or protective clothes. Packaging: in roll.

  • Seersucker fabric

    Seersucker fabric

    100% cotton based printed seersucker fabric for duvet covers and pillow covers, packaged in roll.

  • Microfiber

    Microfiber fabric

    Soft microfiber fabric for duvet covers and pillow covers, packaged in roll.

  • Fabric for working clothes

    Fabric for working clothes

    100% cotton or polycotton based fabric for plane coloured working clothes or protective clothes. Packaging: in roll.

  • Greige fabric

    Greige fabric

    Textile made from 100% cotton fabric. Packaging: in roll

  • Medical textile

    Medical textile

    Medical textile made of SMMS: standard surgical gown, scrub suit, isolation gown. Packaging: in carton box.


  • 100% cotton printed fabric

    100% cotton printed fabric

    Printed duvet and pillow cover made form 100% cotton based fabric, packaged in roll.

  • Polycotton printed fabric

    Polycotton printed fabric

    Printed duvet and pillow cover made of polycotton, packaged in roll.

  • PP sack

    PP sack

    Sack made of polypropylene woven fabric. In individual sizes and with logo upon request.

  • Satin


    Cotton satin textile primarily for making duvet and pillow covers, packaged in roll.

  • Hotel terry bath mat

    Hotel terry bath mat

    White, terry bath mat, that is easy to wash and clean.

  • Hotel terry bathrobe

    Hotel terry bathrobe

    White, terry bathrobe that is easy to wash.

  • Hotel striped satin fabric

    Hotel striped satin fabric

    White cotton satin textile suitable primarily for preparing pillow and duvet covers, packaged in roll.

  • Hotel terry towel

    Hotel terry towel

    White, terry towel that is easy to clean and wash.

  • Nonwoven tape

    Nonwoven tape

    Nonwoven textile (TNT) primarily for sewing lining for pillows and duvets.

  • Stain resistant fabric

    Stain resistant fabric

    Damask fabric or tablecloths, made dirt proof with a special technology, packaged in roll.

  • Siliconized polyester ball

    Siliconized polyester ball

    Filling material for pillows and duvets.

  • Coloured towel

    Coloured towel

    Coloured, 100% cotton based terry towel.

  • TNT - nonwoven fabric

    Nonwoven fabric (TNT)

    Made of 100% polypropylene fibre, nonwoven textile, packaged in roll.

  • Oilcloth


    Easy to clean fabric for tablecloths, packaged in roll.


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