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PP sack

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  • 45 x 80 cm
  • 50 x 90 cm
  • 56 x 100 cm
  • 56 x 110 cm
  • individual size available on request


  • 60 g/m2

Fields of application

  • food industry
  • building industry
  • catastrophe protection
  • agriculture
  • animal feed production
  • chemical industry


  • PP sack
  • polypropylene sack
  • sack
  • circular woven polypropylene tube sack


  • finished product

Available in individual sizes!

pp woven sack machine
The PP woven tube is stored on a roll, the machine rolls it off, cuts off the required length, the end of the separated piece is folded back once and is forwarded to the sewing machine that sews it and the braided thread is cut. The finished sack is collected counted in units of e.g. 25 pieces.

Major technical features::

  • Raw material: polypropylene tube woven tube
  • STANDRAD sack width: 45, 50 and 56 cm
  • In case of larger quantity, individual width is available on request: 300 - 850 mm
  • Cut length: 500-1250 mm
  • Accuracy of cut: ±1,5 mm
  • Production capacity: 20-40 piece/minute
  • Length of stich by the sewing machine: 7-12 mm
  • STANDARD sack weight: 60 g/m2


  • The top of the sack (mouth) is cut hot, at the bottom the outsole is stitched
  • Possible to be printed on one or both sides with a max. of 6 colours (min. order quantity 10.000 pieces)
  • STANDARD sack sizes: 50x90 cm, 56x100 cm, 56x110 cm and 45 cm x 80 cm

We have considerable stock at our disposal of the standard sizes in order to serve our customers fast and flexibly.

In case of larger orders (min. 10.000 pieces) we take on the production of sacks stitched at the mouth, supplied with valve, as well as with layer on the inside. We can form the weight, thickness and colour to the customer's request.
PP sack
PP sack
This automatic machine comes with CE certificate, as well as with producer's compliance certificate regarding the safety requirements and compliance to 21/1998. (IV.17.) IKIM regulation.

The purchase of the machine was made possible with the grant awarded by Economic Improvement Operative Program within the New Széchenyi Plan No.: GOP-1.3.1-11/C-2012-0384.

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