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Gallery - wholesale unit

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Gallery - home textile store

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The Siker Service and Trade Ltd. has been conducting textile wholesale and retail trade since 1990 in Kecskemét.

Wholesale unit for corporate customers

Our wholesale unit offers a wide range of cotton and cotton-polyester canvas (white and printed), oil-baize covers, dirt and water resistant damask fabrics, flannels, as well as TNT-s of different colour and quality (non-woven textile). Apart from these we trade with Molino (holland).

We have been purchasing our stocks from direct import for several years, and have been expanding our product range continuously in accordance with the market needs.

Besides our wide range of merchandise we are offering various services, such as: napping, linen tape cutting, producing tube woven poly-propylene sacks.

Our partner companies are located in Pakistan, Morocco, China, Belorussia and Slovakia.

Our customers are primarily Hungarian producers and retailers. Our objective is to further improve our import and export activities, find new partners and serve our customers at the highest quality.

Our wholesale unit is awaiting our customers in a warehouse of 900 m2.

Home textile store - retail customers

Our wholesale unit was launched at the same time as our retail activities. We have been serving our customers since 1990 in the retail store that is located beside the whole sale unit on a territory of 700 m2.

The retail unit holds a great variety of products, offering the largest selection of home decoration textiles in Kecskemét.

- Pillow, duvet, covers for pillows and duvets
- Bathroom textiles (towels, bath mats, bath robes)
- Table clothes
- Curtains, heavy curtains and other accessories
- Curtain rails and accessories
- Children's textile
- Dry-goods
- Stuffing material
- Bedclothes

as well as many other products that are all available for all customers in the store located in Kecskemét, Bodzai str. 4.

Furthermore, with our supplementary services offered by the sewing workshop we are able to meet all individual needs.

On-line store

Our On-line store, has been offering our products and sales services since 2009, allowing customers to select and purchase fast and comfortably. You only need to put the selected items in your basket and our delivery service will bring it to the required location within a few days.

Should you wish to have a look at and touch our products before the online purchase, visit our retail store.


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